Meet NL3 Member ResumeRuby

ResumeRuby team Mitch and Zach at New Leaf

Photo courtesy of ResumeRuby

Mitch Robinson started out by re-writing resumes for $20 a pop at the beginning of his sophomore year. Now, part of the way through Robinson’s junior year of college, he and his business partner, Zach Zimbler have a working website, a business plan, and their own forecast for the future that spells “success.”

ResumeRuby, a template-based resume creation web application, was born after Mitch paid a friend in chicken wings to design their first resume template using Photoshop. Since then, Robinson and Zimbler have launched a website, hosted three resume templates, and are not just waiting around for students to bite. The Resume Ruby team is powering up with templates targeted more toward particular majors, doing research, and working to dominate the Penn State resume market.

Ultimately, the team is looking to expand their platform and expand their user-base. But for now, ResumeRuby is taking one step at a time. Robinson is confident that their plan is solid: “It’s almost like biting your tongue until you’re 100% ready. We’re moving slow to move fast.”

As an NL3 (New Leaf-Lion Launch Pad Partnership) member, Robinson and Zimbler have been loving the atmosphere of their workspace at New Leaf in downtown State College. “It’s a very open-minded place. You go there and you know you don’t have a preset of ideas you need to stick to,” Robinson said. “Where you work is based on what you want to do. If you want to just get work done, you go to a computer lab,” Robinson said. But if you want to innovate, you need to go to an innovative space.

Robinson says that being able to talk with other smart, perspective-savvy people at New Leaf is one of his favorite parts of being there. Since Zimbler is not a Penn State student, the location provides a good middle-ground for them to utilize in their work also.

In the days to come, watch for Resume Ruby to expand business and start charging for their templates. Check out their site at and follow ResumeRuby on Twitter to stay updated.