Spring 2015 NL3 Program Wrap-up

Seven student teams were selected in January to be a part of the NL3 Program for their innovative start-up ideas. Through the program, teams gained access to a co-working membership from New Leaf Initiative, consideration for a $500 Lion Launch Pad grant, and monthly meetings for feedback on their endeavors.

Lion Launch Pad logo + New Leaf logoThe teams this past semester were:

Simple Car Wash: A waterless car wash done anywhere, anytime. The spray used is even biodegradable and the microfiber towels are reused to give the effort a sustainable flare. Taylor Mitcham (Mining Engineering)

VIVE: An assistive speech device that creates full sentences for the person and requires low motor input. Pitched by Mary Elizabeth McCulloch (Bioengineering)

Mobium Solutions: A 3D printer add-on technology that makes printing objects as simple as 2D paper copying.  Justin Keenan (Engineering) and Kevin Paroda (Engineering)

Resume Ruby: Easy to use, top-quality resume templates that reduce the hassle of getting the job you want. Mitch Robinson (Energy, Business, and Finance)

GreenTowers: A startup in the business of urban agriculture design, creating products that reconnect people to nature and their food. Dustin Betz (Alum), Mike Zaengle (Architecture), Jared Yarnall-Schane (Alum), and Jonathan Gumble (Grad student- Horticulture)

Time Out: An app that puts all other apps into time out when you need a break from technology. Callie Rojewski (Advertising/PR)

TeacherBox: A monthly delivery to teachers of classroom supplies, the newest educational software, and a small gift packed into a box. Team members include Chris Danilo (community entrepreneur) and Nicole Kelner (Advertising/PR)*

NL3 MeetingProgress was made across the board for the NL3 teams, a true achievement and testament to the hard work of the full-time students on each team. A few of the startups experienced pivots in their focus and design while nearly every team saw the development and improvement of their startup’s website. Be sure to take a look at the updated sites at the respectful links above!

The diversity of the teams in terms of projects, progress, and team members meant that the benefits of the program were different for everyone as well.  For example, GreenTowers, a more established startup, found that “simply having access to New Leaf’s coworking office to meet with clients and network with community stakeholders is by far the biggest advantage from participating in the NL3 program.” At the same time, Mobium Solutions, a budding endeavor, found that the biggest advantage to the program was being able to learn from other students that had similar previous experiences.

Looking into the summer, three of the teams will be a part of the Summer Founder’s Program, receiving $10,000 to continue their startup development in State College over the summer. These teams are Resume Ruby, Mobium Solutions, and VIVE. Specifically, Mobium Solutions will be concentrated on planning the launch of their KickStarter campaign. For the other teams, there is no doubt that the focus will remain on their startups. GreenTowers is gearing up to launch their BEEcosystem, TeacherBox will continue to seek sponsorship support for inspiring teachers, and TimeOut will begin development stages of their app as well as explore a broader customer base.

Keep your eye out for the success of these teams of amazing individuals in the coming years as well as updates regarding the Fall 2015 NL3 Program! The date and time of the pitch night for applicants will be set closer to the beginning of the semester and can be found via Lion Launch Pad and New Leaf Initiative.

*Descriptions of teams are from the NL3 Event Recap article posted January 23, 2015.