MDX + PSU Innovation Challenge 2014

The MDX+PSU Innovation Challenge will involve 10 teams of 4 students each, with two students from Middlesex University in London and two students from Penn State. Teams will have approximately five weeks, between mid-October and Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 17-20) to accomplish the following:

  1. Get to know your international team mates
  2. Review the four Innovation Challenge categories and define a problem, need or “pain” that the team wants to work on: green technology, social entrepreneurship, “in-the-home” and transportation.
  3. Develop a solution concept and validate it as far as you can in time allotted
  4. Prepare a final presentation (format and guidelines TBD)

Awards will be provided to the top teams at a ceremony during Global Entrepreneurship Week. First-place team gets trip to the 2015 Summer Jam in Croatia. That’s right — an international entrepreneurship conference across the ocean.

To apply, submit the below form before October 3, 2014.

A PSU review panel will select 20 students to represent Penn State in the MDX+PSU Innovation Challenge and will use your responses to the following 5 questions. The judges are looking for articulate, honest and insightful responses. Keep each answer to 250 words or less.

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