IST Start-up Week to bring a wealth of entrepreneurship knowledge

IST Start-up Week

April 13th – April 17th

In it’s fourth year, IST Start-up Week continues to develop into a major resource for student entrepreneurs. The week will bring together students from all colleges and speakers from across the country to compete, inform, and motivate entrepreneurial spirits.IST instagram start up post

The plethora of events to attend makes it an easy initiative to get involved in for even the busiest students. You can start the week off early by attending the College of Communication’s Freelance-A-Thon on Sunday or check out the Start-up Week schedule for daily events beginning Monday. Highlights include the Innovation Expo (Tuesday), the IdeaMaker Challenge Pitch Competition (Wednesday), “The Weebly Story” (Thursday), and the Startup Tank Pitch Competition (Friday).

Friday from 12:00-5:00pm in Alumni Hall of the HUB will be the culminating event of the week featuring key speakers. Those visiting Happy Valley this week are:

Drew Houston- CEO and Co-founder of Dropbox

Trip Adler- Co-founder and CEO of Scribd 

Justin Kan- Partner of Y Combinator and Founder of Exec, Inc.

Steve Huffman- Co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk

and Adora Cheung- CEO and Co-founder of Homejoy, Inc.

Lion Launch Pad in collaboration with Innoblue will also be hosting a pitch competition Monday at 6:00pm in 262 Willard for Stage 1 teams to compete for funding. Innoblue students are invited to attend.

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          Be on the look out for IST Start-up Week swag across campus.

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