NL3 Pitch Event recap: Student startup winners and the “Legacy Award”

Room view of NL3 Pitch Event

Fourteen student startups pitched at the NL3 Pitch Event held at New Leaf Initiative Wednesday night for the chance to continue on into this semester’s NL3 Program. Seven teams, including Legacy Winners, GreenTowers won the perks of a 7 hour/week coworking membership at New Leaf, potential for a $500 grant through Lion Launch Pad, and monthly progress meetings with NL3 leaders and other program participants.

Drum roll please… The winners are…

Simple Car Wash It’s a waterless car wash done anywhere, anytime. The spray used is even biodegradable and the microfiber towels are reused to give the effort a sustainable flare. Pitched by Taylor Mitcham (Mining Engineering).

Teacher Box pitch

         Chris Danilo delivers his 2 minute pitch for TeacherBox

TeacherBox The solution to teachers and parents spending endless time and money to provide students with school supplies! TeacherBox is a monthly delivery to teachers of classroom supplies, the newest educational software, and a small gift packed into a box. Team members include Chris Danilo (community entrepreneur) and Nicole Kelner (Advertising/PR).

Student uses VIVE assistive speech device

NL3 attendee shows it takes little movement         to use VIVE’s assistive speech device

VIVE Inspired by a freshman year bio engineering competition and a year abroad in Ecuador working with cerebral palsy patients, VIVE is an assistive speech device that creates full sentences for the person and requires low motor input. Pitched by Mary Elizabeth McCulloch (Bioengineering).

Mobium Solutions This startup has created 3D printer add-on technology that makes printing objects as simple as 2D paper copying. This is sure to be a game changer! Team members include Justin Keenan (Engineering) and Kevin Paroda (Engineering).

Resume Ruby Easy to use, top-quality resume templates that reduce the hassle of getting the job you want. A perk?  They’ve been developed alongside career services to target templates to specific majors! Pitched by Mitch Robinson (Energy, Business, and Finance).

Tweet from Resume Ruby founder

            Resume Ruby and Teacher Box have returning NL3 team members!

Time Out One app to rule them all, it puts all other apps into time out when you need a break from technology. To make the deal even sweeter, taking breaks can lead to rewards! It certainly has the potential to make a social statement about “how we want technology to fit into our society” – Founder, Callie Rojewski (Advertising/PR).

And the “Legacy Award” goes to…

GreenTowers pitch

 GreenTowers teammates pitch and win a spur of the moment “Legacy Award”

Former NL3 team, GreenTowers was honored with the “Legacy Award” for all of the work they’ve accomplished while utilizing New Leaf to its full potential. GreenTowers’ team members noted that the coworking space provides a great place for professional meetings and an energetic community that gives quality feedback. Graduate student and teammate, Jon Gumble commented that at New Leaf, “everyone is always smiling.”

GreenTowers is in the business of urban agriculture design, creating products that reconnect people to nature and their food. It’s no surprise that the newest piece is the bee’s knees in achieving this mission (hint hint). What is it? An urban beehive that hangs on the user’s wall for simple and aesthetically pleasing bee keeping right inside of your home! The project is rolling right along with 50,000 honeybees ordered this past Monday and one of the team members attracting the name “GumbleBee.” Lion Launch Pad will be keeping up with the buzz, so stay connected! Team members include Dustin Betz (Alum), Mike Zaengle (Architecture), Jared Yarnall-Schane (Alum), and Jonathan Gumble (Grad student- Horticulture). 

Thank you to all other teams that came out to pitch. Don’t forget that you can pitch again in the future, stop by New Leaf for some happy collisions, and apply to Lion Launch Pad for a $500 grant. Teams included Blue and White Chips, for Bands, Lion Repair, Re-Vending, JM Jonte Photography, KROMOS, WhoJewKnow, and Clé by Nicholas Scott.

And thank you to the judges, Linda Feltman (Penn State SBDC), Serena Fulton (Membership Director, New Leaf Initiative), and Galen Bernard (Exec. Director, New Leaf Initiative). The decisions couldn’t have been easy!